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Today's organizations must meet many complex, and often competing, requirements.

  • Industry and customer requirements
  • Requirements defined in ISO, ANSI, AAMI, and other national and international standards.
  • OSHA, EPA, FDA CGMP's, HACCP, JCAHO and other applicable regulatory requirements.
  • UL and CE Marking product certification requirements
  • Requirements imposed by international, national, state and local governments.
  • Requirements established by insurance companies and by "social responsibility".
  • Other requirements too numerous to list here.

Integrating multiple standards and regulatory requirements into a single, easy to understand management system has many advantages.

  • Avoids duplication of documentation and systems.
  • Dramatically reduces the costs for operating and maintaining the management system.
  • Ensures uniform best practices are applied.
  • Facilitates training of personnel.
  • Avoids conflicting and confusing requirements.
  • Ensures compliance to all requirements.
  • Facilitates audits performed by internal auditors, customers, regulatory agencies and registrars.

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